Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of perfect balance physical, mental and social well -being , as defined by the World Health Organization ( WHO ). The Asclepio Consulting analyzes all the factors involved in the proper functioning and optimization of Healthcare Buildings, to improve people´s experience.

We can leverage your business because we use innovative concepts , trends and data bound in International healthcare market, such as:

• Evidence – Based Design EDAC – Center for Health Design• Focus on Humanization and Planetree Patient 
• Architecture for Health
• Restorative Environmental Design , Yale University
• Design Biophiolic

Here are some ways of service delivery:

• Consulting for new projects

The ‘ Asclepio Consulting ‘ analyzes the project and brings different ideas based on market concepts in Healthcare.

We can also work in partnership with your local architect .

Take care of your health!

• Consulting for Accreditation ONA and Joint Commission International – JCI

Invest in quality processes, certification differentiates its service.

Improvement and Development Team is a powerful tactic.

• Consulting Certification Planetree

Focus on people is the best management tool . We bring concepts of humanization and implementing certification covers all public . Inpatients , Outpatients , Escorts, family , children, seniors , service providers , employees , healthcare professionals.

Brazil is living the Aging Population. Is your service prepared to meet?

• Speechs, Lectures, Courses

Spreading knoledge is one of our goals.

Update yourself constantly!