About us


Eleonora Zioni is Business Development Executive and space resources manager in Healthcare market with extensive experience in specialized companies in national market  as L + M GETS and multinational such as Albert Kahn Family of Companies.

Have different clients and some important Healthcare Institutions as : Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Hospital Sírio Libanês, Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP-SP, Hospital Samaritano em São Paulo, Unidades Rede Focus- Dix Amico – Rede ESHO- Amil; Hospital Márcio Cunha da Fundação São Francisco Xavier- USIMINAS em Ipatinga – MG; Hospital Universitário Evangélico (Curitiba- PR e Sorocaba- SP); Hospitais Unimed (ABC, SP, São Roque, Rio Claro, Araraquara, Avaré, Lorena- SP; Chapecó- SC); Hospital São Lucas- RJ, among others.

Asclépio Consultoria is her own consulting company to serve customers in a personalized way . The three main business units include :

• Planning
• Healthcare
• Sustainability

Graduated as an architect from FAU – USP , specialized in Healthcare Architecture from FUPAM – USP ,  MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Systems from FGV- SP , certified by the ‘ University of Michigan ‘ , she was the 7th Professional  in Brazil to be certified LEED AP BD + C , Planetree affiliated and certified DGNB Consultant , second-generation German sustainable certification.

Speaker at many national and international Congresses and Conferences , Professor for several master and pos graduattion courses, co – author of books , scientific articles, interviews and debates on topics : space resource management , Healthcare Design, Architecture and Sustainability , Sustainable Business Management . Columnist at site Hotelaria Hospitalar.com.

• Why the name “Asclépio”?

Asclepius in Greek mythology is the main God of Medicine .

In Greek history,  Apollo stole Asclepius and handed him to the care of Chiron . She was responsible for the education and upbringing of the boy , who learned all the secrets of the healing art with medicinal plants .

When he grew , Asclepius became so skilled that he could raise the death people. Concerned about the depopulation of the “beyond” and the natural order of things , Zeus, the chief God of Olympus , killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt , but in its recognition led him to the skies and turned it into divinity.
The wife of Asclepius , Epione , soothed the pain , his daughter Higéia symbolized disease prevention ; another daughter , Panacea , symbolized treatment of diseases , their only child , symbolized Telésforo convalescence . Whenever a plague or epidemic ravaging a region , leaving doctors killed snakes , because they believed that these demonic beings were causing disease . Being with the snake wrapped around your bat, Asclepius is the domain of disease , healing their patients .
Over time , the serpent in the staff of Asclepius became the symbol of Medicine , while the bowl and snake Higéia came to symbolize the Pharmacy .
According to some authors , the great Hippocrates is the nineteenth and twentieth descendant of Asclepios from Zeus. The grandfather of Hippocrates , also a physician, was called Hippocrates , but never achieved the fame of what became known as the ” father of Medicine ” .

Asclepio Consulting joins the historical influences of the more innovative techniques and trends in space infrastructure and resources to provide a valuable service to their customers .
Our service is so personalized and consists of unusual subjects .

• Mission

Providing advice and useful services for the proper development of the client’s business excellence.

• Vision

Be useful for many people , collaborating with the world and the environment , and serve customers in the best way.

• Values

Integrity, Purpose , Innovation , Responsibility , Passion , Knowledge and Communication.